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      Lasercut steeltubing, this makes welding easy. Tubes are connected by miter joint or tab and slot style, so you only had to check for squarness when welding and no ruler needed. On the left side, still packed, are the aluminium housing plates

      The complete frame will consists of a upper and lower part, for easy transport. Here we see the lower part including its 4 adjustable screw feets. Weighs around 35 kg and made of 50x50x2.5[mm] tubing

      construction of upper frame while placed on the lower frame. The diagonals are temporary and are adjustable. During welding you can adjust it every now and then to keep things as close as possible to square.

      Some welded mechanical parts, like motormount for x and z axis. The parts turned out quit strong and could only bend thim with a hammer

      angle iron. These will form the support of the y-rails.

      the two angle irons are connected with a temporary bridge of wood and dams are made, then filled with epoxy that looks like water to get the mounting surface of y-rails in same plane

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    wanted a lasercutter for modelbuilding(private use)

    Inspired by

    KASER and many more on the internet
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