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      This is a continuation of my last build, the 6 axis slider. This is not the same rig, it was built from the same design with all new parts.

      The main change to the design was the addition of the vertical lift (the most challenging part).

      Oh wait, there was a fairly major change. After the rig was built, the PAN and ROLL axis were performing very poorly. I was using these cheap lazy susan bearings from Amazon. They're just awful. I can't express just how awful they are. I designed my own bearings using 8mm stainless steel balls and these are now used on the ROLL and PAN axes. They work much better than I ever could imagine. Wish I could get my $50 back from Amazon.

      The entire structure is built around OpenBuilds linear rail and C-Beam rail. There's a mix of 20x20, 20x40, 20x60 and the slider rails are all 2000mm C-Beam.

      There's also some composite aluminum panel, my first time working with that. It cuts nicely on my LEAD CNC machine.

      The 1/4 inch aluminum plates were also cut on my LEAD CNC. To say it was a challenge would be an understatement. I got them cut though. You can definitely see a few places where I crashed near the end of hours of cutting. So not all the plates are perfect.

      I've got hundred of pics so I'll find some good
      ones and update the thread with them. Until then, you can see the build in action on the YouTube channel.

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