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      This is the base frame for the CNC assembly. The power supplies, pumps, electronics will be on the back, with the laser tube over it (on it's second floor (to be made)). The gantry will be powered by 0.9 degrees stepper on linear bearings.

      This is where the electronics will sit.

      For those who are wondering the kind of accessories that are supposed to fit onto a laser, there are the ones who were paired to mine, it might help you designing your future build!

      This is the AC breakout board, I did not back-engineer it yet, but it takes 120V and split it in different outputs! The yellow relay is time delayed and the other one might be connected to the security key.

      This is the oil pump used for cooling the laser tube. Note that this tube is actually OIL cooled, not watercooled. I don't know if it is just to prevent evaporation or because it cools better.

      This is the actual chiller. I will mount it on the back of the frame pushing hot air outside (I will have to separate the cutting zone from the electronics zone to prevent fume and whatever particles to get everywhere)

      This is the air assist [air] pump to prevent fume to go in contact with the focusing lens. I will have to add an inline air filter to remove humidity. I might replace it in the future with a CO2 tank with a regulator. I might have read somewhere that laser prefers to travel into CO2 than into air (less particles, less humidity)... Yeah, I know, the beam coming out to the laser, reflecting on the mirror to the laser head isn't in CO2, but you know... just because :p

      The actual laser tube, which I will leave in its cradle to keep alignment and adjustments with the HeNe Laser (red laser pointer, the black tube on top of the CO2 tube)

      This is it's high voltage power supply, rated 500W (medical stuff is overkill). It is pretty easy to control. It just wants an analog 0-5 volts to control its power and support a "kill switch" (might be the open door switch). As the controller will provide a PWM and not an analog 0-5V, I will have to add a simple little circuit to convert it. Here's some reading on that: Arduino LM358 Op Amp PWM to Voltage Converter

      This is the high voltage power supply of the HeNe laser

      Finally (for now), the low voltage power supply that will be used to get some juice to the stepper motors.

      Here are most of the components mounted to a steel plate, a lot of wiring to come...


      Here are the pillars to support the laser cradle:


      Laser tube assembly is now mounted, I Might have to add a mirror to lower the laser beam.


      To be continued...
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    just because... :)
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    2 Mirror mounts http://www.lightobject.com/Pro-25mm-reflection-mirror-mou... Link Could have printed something, didn't have time to design it
    1 Laser controller (Awc708c Lite) https://www.sinjoe.com/index.php?route=product/product&am... Link A little high priced, but offers a lot of functions and comes with its software
    1 Laser head https://www.sinjoe.com/index.php?route=product/product&am... Link Rail mountable, will have to adapt it to my rails. Integrated belt holder. 50mm manual focus span.
    1 Laser safety googles http://www.lasersafety.com/ Link By all means, buy at least one pair, you don't want to loose an eye. I didn't trust chinese safety googles.
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