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      OpenBuilds has shared a number of very nicely designed of Linear Actuators. All has been based on the "normal" rails and C-Beam.

      I have for some weeks worked on a new type of linear actuator based on the 40x40 profile. This profile has a big internal cross shaped opening. It is big enough to have an ACME rod/nut assembly inside, so the design idea is to use this to make a mechanical assembly.

      I have focused on making a compact design that hold the footprint of the extrusion and stepper motor.

      I have ended up making some 3D Printed parts to hold the stepper motor, bearings and as a guide for the Brass ACME nut inside the rail.

      The rod used is Ø15mm aluminum with a wall thickness of 1mm.

      In the file section you will find .STL files for the 3D Printed parts. They include all parts needed for the actuator as well as two mounting plates and a guide for drilling four mounting holes in the aluminum rod. A .STEP file is also uploaded.
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    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 3D Printed Parts - one set Link
    1 32mm 40x40 Profile Link
    1 250, 500 or 750mm 40x40 Profile Link
    1 Coupler D20x5x8 Link
    2 Planar bearing F8-16 Link
    1 Lock Collar Link
    1 Brass ACME Nut Link
    1 ACME Rod 250, 500 or 750mm Link
    1 Ø15 Aluminum Rod Link
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