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      A year or so ago i designed and built a nice little cnc plasma cutter with some 3/4 inch scrap i had on hand, some 8mm smooth rod's intended for another I3 prusa and some gt2 belts and pulleys. Basically it was made from the same type hardware as a 3d printer.
      The first design has only the x and y axis and the legs of the machine are all adjustable to take care of the z height. It really seems to work nicely for most flat metals that i have.

      So anyways its a year later and now id like to refine the design just a little and add a z axis to control the torch height with sheetcam. The rods are going to be upgraded slightly to 10mm
      Here are the stl files for the 8mm version http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:126576
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    It was basically "game on" when a guy said my idea was stupid and it just wont work.