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      DSC_9284.JPG DSC_9300.JPG Frame is from 20x20 and 20x40 black anodized aluminium v-slots. Connected mainly with custom cuted alu plates.
      Building space is 300x300x300 mm. Powered by MKS SBASE 1.2 with 3,2″ MKS-TFT display. Heated bed is 220v and 600w, power supply is 12v 30A 360W. Raspberry PI 2 model B 1 GB for to connect to the Internet. Dual MK8 extruder configuration.

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I wanted something stronger, bigger and more durable than what is commonly sold and not too expensive. Apply in future as a CNC milling machine too.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    5 V-SLOT 2040 - Black Anodized Link
    3 V-SLOT 2020 - Black Anodized Link
    5 Nema 17 Stepper Motor 59Ncm(84oz.in) Bipolar 4-lea Link
    1 24V-380V 40A 250V SSR-40 DA Solid State Relay Modu Link
    1 silicone heating pad heater 220V 600W 300 * 300 mm Link
    16 custom cut and elox aluminium plates Link
    1 MKS SBASE V1.2 opensource 32's Motherboard compati Link
    1 MKS TFT32 touch screen smart controller 3.2inch Link
    2 MK8 Extruder Print Head J-head Hotend Throat E3D Link
    1 High tolerance CNC mini v wheel kits for v-slot Link
    6 L-Shape Interior Corner Connector Joint Brac Link
    2 Rod Plate for Nema17 Link
    1 Aluminum Alloy Timing Drive Pulley for DIY 3D Prin Link
    2 Stepper Motor Flexible Coupling Coupler /Shaft Cou Link
    1 Aluminum GT2 16T 6mm Bore Pulley and 2M Timing Link
    2 50 x 50 x 15mm Electronic 3D Printer 12V DC 50mm B Link
    5 Microswitch AC 250V 15A HV-156-1C25 SPDT Rol Link
    1 LJ12A3-4-Z/BX Inductive Proximity Sensor Detection Link
    1 Super Cool White 5M Waterproof 300LEDs 3528 Flexib Link
    1 60pcs/lot 2020 aluminum profiles T Slot nuts m3, m Link
    1 1 kg pla, gold 1,75mm Link
    1 DC Converter Module 12V To 5V 3A 15W with Micro US Link
    2 towline cable 10*10mm-1000mm Link
    1 10pcs Spring For 3D Printer Extruder Heated Bed Link
    50 Zinc Plated Tee nuts for building machine M5 bore Link
    1 Zinc Plated double Tee nuts M5 bore 30pcs Link
    1 4A CNC Single Axis 4A TB6600 2/4 Phase Hybrid Step Link