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      I built a custom delta using 3, 1000 mm long C-Beam® Linear Rails and 3 C-Beam Gantry Sets. I had the bottom and top plates water jetted ( for accuracy ) out of 1/2 inch aluminum, from a design that I did in Fusion 360.

      I borrowed from other designs I had seen. Anything that I figured was a good idea, or would work well, I incorporated in my design.

      I had the top and bottom plates water jetted, for the level of accuracy that type of cutting has. the frame being dimensionally accurate, is by far the most important part of any build. get that wrong and it'll never really print right.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - CC BY NC

    Reason for this Build

    Bought a small delta kit. found that I needed a larger build area.

    Inspired by

    The Idea of building something myself, that then, builds other things.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    3 1000mm C-Beam Linear Rail Link
    3 C-Beam Gantry Plates and Xtreme Mini V Wheels Link
    6 Flanged Bearing 688ZZ 8x16x5 Link
    1 400mm Carbon fiber rods & Traxx 5347 KIT Link Was going to go magnetic but would interfere with BLtouch. in the end.. I didn't use BLtouch
    4 Name 17 Stepper motors Link
    1 Printer Controller MKS GEN 1.4 Link with RepRapDiscount Smart Controller display
    1 Deltaprintr mini hotend Link Small and very light !!! and heats up VERY fast !!!! ( 12V change firmware !!!!! )
    3 Optical End stops Link
    0 24 V 300mm round heated bed KIT Link 24V so that it heats up much faster (came with glass and spreader)
    1 24V power supply Link
    2 Bottom & Top plates Link Water jetted for accuracy !
    1 3D Printed End Effector Link Will have this made out of aluminum soon.
    0 Various other Nuts and Bolts, pulleys, belts...etc Link
    0 Link
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