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      The Chassis
      Made from extruded aluminium 40x40 T Slot and 20x40 V slot topped with medium thickness 19 mm

      Y Axis
      Made with Vslot rail and Steel Double V wheel. The plate of the gantry will be made of aluminum thickness 10mm by a local machinist. there are seven Steel Double V wheel per plate, 4 above and 3 below the rail, and two Delrin Solid V wheel for guiding the belt.

      X Axis
      Made with a combination of two 80x20 rails, a 60x20 rail for solidifying the gantry, and a 40x20 rail for stabilized the swing. A plate to guide the z axis, a plate for stepping motor and a plate for the junction of two with 4 20x20 rails.

      Z axes
      A plate support the spinle on which is set two rail for movement, two other plate is used to support stepper motor and trapezoidal screw.

      I want tuo use a 2.2kW er25 spindle, end a set of 4 nema23 stepper moteur with microstep driver (you can find it on ALIEXPRESS). I still hesitate to software between Mach3 and USBCNC that looks very developed.
      1. Special Notes

        This is just a project, and I have yet many problematic especially overweight gantry. Is that the trapezoidal screw can lift the weight of the spindle? and belt are enough rigid to move it all? If anyone has any technical data that could help me materialize this project do not hesitate.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I decided to do this project because I need to machine melamine or medium plate especially for the manufacture of furniture

    Inspired by

    The OX CNC
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