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      The size of my ooznest are selected mainly to avoid doing cuts. Plus I usually regret my choice of size after the build, I tend to under-size so this time I try to make it a bit larger. As seen on the picture I have finished the bench for my router, a part which recommendations where hard to find.
      I have sized it as 1m high with a table size of 1.20x1.20m, that way the nema 23 motors will not extend outside the table plus there is some extra space in front of the router. For the legs I used 45x45mm wood beam, horizontal beams are 120x45mm. the table and shelf is 22mm MDF board. This makes the table heavy and steady. I will attach plexiglass to the sides of the table as protection in a later stage.
      Right now I am in the fun part of putting the router together.
      I selected 3Nm(425oz.in) Nema 23 stepper motors on the same thinking as above, not to under-size.
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    Building things are my passion, now its time to make the machine which can create the bits and bobs I tend to miss in my builds or repairs.
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