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      This build based on Kyo's design with larger size
      First, i'm not an expert cnc builder. Also this is my first attempt to build cnc.
      I have Laser CNC and 3D Print, but i bought both from china. So i have a little knowledge about using cnc, and how it works.

      I live in Indonesia, and so collecting parts a little bit hard. I sourcing from Aliexpress & local store.

      For the frame, basically i use same as what kyo use in his design.
      For the parts i gather
      1. Nema 23 Wantai 425oz stepper motor (Aliexpress)
      2. Gecko G540 Driver (local store)
      3. 2.2KW Watercooling spindle (Aliexpress)
      4. 8mm ACME Leadscrew (Aliexppress)
      5. V Slot & C Beam (local store)

      Some Parts from China arrived

      Got Gecko G540 from local shop

      Plate made by local shop

      The Base

      Z Axis

      Y Axis

      After so long time, finally it run.
      cnc 01.mp4

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    Inspired by

    Sphinx by Kyo
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