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      I been debating over getting a CNC for several years. So I finally made the choice try my hand
      at making one. I been looking and several ideas and builds on this site and many youtubes videos
      at different options. I wanted to build one near the 1000m X 1000m so I liked the C-Beam XL
      buildout but did not like the 500mm on the Y-Axis. So I looked at the instructions online for this
      and just extended the 2 X Y axis C-Beam to 1000mm and the 2 side V-slot liner rail from 500mm to 1000mm.

      Adjusted the much of the plans which also included making some major adjustments to
      the parts list. Placed a order and came in about 5 days.....


      However, as normal with myself, as I started the basic frame of the V-Slot it grew
      as it did not seem or appear to be this big on paper. With my concerns growing it became more
      and more concerning on the 2 Y-Axis Gantry moving back and forth. So with some help
      of the build of Bernie Clark with his XL Tank he is building. I have moved the Y-axis C-Beams
      to the far left and right now vertical and moved the V-Slots to the 1/3 and 2/3 positions where the
      C-Beams were at. This now gives me the method to move the X axis forward and back itself vs
      moving the cutting platform.

      After resting overnight it was lucky and very od enough that I really need less parts than my
      original plans. In fact the end of of the day I had a small box of parts left over than my orginal

      So in my plans of making the tinyg my controller it did not take long to discover that placing it
      on the back of the x axis was not the best idea. With this said I made a 13 X 10" box from some
      Baltic birch in the garage. It allowed me to place the power supply, controller, fans and a mess
      of wires from motor and switches plus the usb.

      Box with gear.

      Did run in some bumps along the way such as the motors moving too much as designed by
      the gcode. Simple solution was to adjust the $1tr for each motor in the tinyg.

      I included a PDF of the major parts ordered.

      My cuts from the V-slot were done nice and easy on the tablesaw with a nice blade. Much
      easier than expected. But I found the 5mm tape of them was needed on the c-Beam as well
      as the V slots, it much easier done in a vice with WD-40 made it very easy. Without the WD-40
      it doesn't go well.

      In the pictures you should see I made every attempt to keep good brackets and plates to keep
      the cnc in square. With the re-inforcement it is spot on.




      Due to the far from free garage I did not want my laptop in the garage. So I connected a raspberry
      PI 3 with a small 9" screen attached. Running the JSON client only and adjustments so the wifi
      doesn't sleep. Using the Universal Gcode sender to Jog works great. But sending files did not
      go well. I can figure it out but it would start cutting about 2.5 inches to far to the right and forward.
      I finally gave up and used the JSON to connect chilipeppr from the house.

      Now I can send to cut from the house and jog it more if needed and set the new home. With some
      of the projects taking a hour+ to cut. It makes it easy to watch it inside with only a few visits to
      the garage.

      So all when well with only about a 2 weeks from start to finish.

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