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      It has taken me two months to get to this point, but here is my new CNC.
      It is a 1000x1000 screwdrive Workbee CNC. I am a complete newb to this though and I really liked the ease of the Easel software. I really didn’t want to go through all of the work to build the machine and just get discouraged because it would be too hard to use. So I bought the X-controller and all of the associated wiring/switches to power my creation.

      IMG_20180403_170640.jpg IMG_20180414_143345.jpg
      I initially set it up in the higher bed setting but I found that it didn't give me enough room to cut anything thicker than a half inch while using my Z-probe. It was discouraging to take the full wasteboard apart to lower it but I am much happier with it as it sits now.

      IMG_20180414_154417.jpg IMG_20180415_134034.jpg

      There are a few things that I still need to sort out:
      -Dust boot
      -Better Wire management
      -Dial in the Z axis.
      -Finish off the workbench. It is a folding bench that I need to dd drawers and a folding shelf for the PC

      I need to buy some more bits, right now 1/4 is the smallest that I have but I am excited about seeing what it can do.
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