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      Vgrove.jpg my 10 X 5 ft Plasma Table build. V slot bolted to a larger steel frame. 3rd try at bolting a V slot rail to a steel table. My first second attempts at this failed do to the hand tools i had to use. the V slot needed some wiggle to be adjusted to correct speck. I got this idea from 1970's automotive front fender aliment. my answer was 10/32 extruded U nuts on a backing plate 10 foot long 10/32 X 1.5 inch allen head bolts allow me to recess the bolt head so it does not get in the way of the gantry plate. 3/8 inch holes in the square tube steel gave me about a 1/4 inch of adjustment aliment of the V Slot on the steel frame.

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        I had to make a steel jig to drill holes to line up my V Slot to my extruded 1inX1/8inX10FT. message me for pics of it so you can make your own jig. I can sell the one made cheep if you want it. .. 30$ free shipping.
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    Same as always Pinky. To try to take over the World. :)

    Inspired by

    necessity is the mother of invention
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    44 10/32 extruded U bolts Link
    44 10/32 1.5 -1.75 allen head bolts Link
    2 1 incn X 1/8 X 10 foot extrud aluminum Link
    4 V slot 1500 mm 20mmX20mm Link
    3 3X1 inch steel 24 ft long Link
    1 1X1 inch steel 24ft long Link