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      The main Body is 2040 extruded aluminum and 2020 extruded aluminum. All the T-nuts and braces are from Openbuilds. the Z-axis is 20mm linear rails and 16mm leadscrew. the x and y axis are going to be 8mm linear rails from my old reprap. all the stepper motors except the Z are NEMA 17 from my old reprap. the Z axis stepper is a NEMA 23 that was a spare I ordered for my CNC machine.
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    • CC - Creative Commons Public Domain (CCO 1+)

    Reason for this Build

    I needed a large build volume 3d printer. Everything on the market was overpriced or did not have any of the features I want.

    Inspired by

    I have built a few 3d printer kits, laser engraver, and CNC kits in the past. I decided to design my own system that has all the features and build volume that I want.
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    1 flexion dual extruders Link