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      I'm sharing this to document my latest laser cutter build. it is for commercial purposes, we require high throughput and reliable machines. After having gone through 4 of the big name "RED'' laser cutters and probably 5 Chinese, we have been using self made machines with great success. This latest machine has been made with feedback from our last 8020 machine in an effort to simply some issues and iron out the kinks.

      1.3m x 1.3m
      350mm travel z axis
      1 x yaskawa 400w servo motor
      2 x yaskawa 200w servo motor
      ruida controller
      2.5x beam expander coupled to beam combiner
      100w reci RF tube, this is the first time we have not used synrad or iradion
      belt sealed linear rails
      8020 aluminum extrusions
      6200 high output water chiller

      All plates and machining was done on a 3mx1.5m cnc router previously made and documented on here

      if you have any questions, happy to help also keen for development assisting feedback.
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