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      Here is a short video of it printing a tree frog. I have not finished the extruder calibration yet but it is printing pretty good.

      Building upon the great work done by Marshall Peck and others.

      I wanted a larger build area, stability, low part count and a easy to access tool holder.


      Information on the starting point of this build can be found here:
      Voxel OX - Extendable 3D Printer and CNC Platform | OpenBuilds

      I increased the size of the build to accommodate 500mm z-axis lead screws from openbuilds.

      The printer will start with a E3D V6 Lite hotend and will be controlled with a Azteeg controller running Smoothie Firmware.

      I am including build dimensions and pictures of the build in process.

      Control Board Mounted - Changed to SmoothieBoard

      Smoothie and Display.jpg

      New Z-Axis

      Hot End/Tool Mount
      Build Hotend.JPG

      Back Side of Tool Mount
      Build Back Tool Plate.JPG

      Front View
      Build Front.JPG

      3D Drawing
      Drawing 3d.JPG

      Ortho View
      Drawing Ortho.JPG

      Rear View with Dimensions
      Drawing BackView.JPG

      Top View with Dimensions
      Drawing Top View.JPG

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    Reason for this Build

    I wanted a larger build platform compared to my homebrewed printer. Also I wanted stiffer mechanics to support other types of working ends. I am thinking of adding a simple cutter in the future.

    When it is completed and running it will get a dual hotend and the old printer will become something else.

    Inspired by

    Marshall Peck and others
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