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      new_config.jpg All the good stuff is happening under the discussions tab. I will have to remember to work on this build page!

      A picture of my OX-SUMO Workbench. I also included pictures under the Discussion tab for anyone interested. My presentation skills are as much a work in progress as the OX-SUMO so please bear with me.

      Been a couple of really busy days followed by very late night build sessions. I've slept 6 Hours in the last 48! This project is really taking shape now, and I am more and more confident the machine will meet my expectations. Anyone close to me will tell you that means alot! I have also built a proper workbench for the OX-SUMO. I will have more info and better pictures up after some much needed sleep. :)

      Pictured is the configuration I intend to cut my plates with. Barely assembled at this stage! Tomorrow I expect delivery of my second order. I hope I thought of everything!? Where the Z meets the X I am woefully under engineered, which is priority number one. Plus anti-backlash nut blocks that are not included with C-Beam bundle. Doh! $275.00 with shipping included this time. So far I am still under my sudo sumo budget of $1400 usd.
      I have also considered flipping this over and trying an overhead configuration where the X axis is suspended from the Y axis. Might be a stupid idea so I'm always open to feedback. Updates to follow.
      20151030_145753.jpg This is shortly after unboxing, and C-Beam assembly. I have just mocked it up to get some perspective. This comprises most of the initial order I placed, totalling very close to $800 usd. The order arrived quickly. It was exceptionally well packed, and absolutely spot on down to the last nut and bolt! Thats three 1000mm C-Beam bundles (w/ motors), plus one 250mm V-Slot bundle (w/ motor), and a few miscellaneous items including 24v power supply and router mount. Many many parts that were so expertly packaged a manual is not necessary....for average people to assemble. 20151024_184356.jpg

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        Im just getting this together. Hopefully I will be compelled to provide more details soon.
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    ADHD, OCD, CNC. :D

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    Inspiration began with the OX.