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      This is my second attempt on building my own CNC-Router. As with my first Router, the goal was building my own design with standard Parts mainly but not exclusively from the http://openbuildspartstore.com/ .
      My first router was not strong and rigid enough for my taste, so I experimented with linear rails from igus.com and used them for the Y- and X-Axes. While working on my new machine, Mark Carew surprised me with the new C-Beam, which I used then for the Z-Axes. All in all I'm very pleased with the outcome and the quality. There are a view parts which I printed on my 3-D-Printer such as the Mounting for the Kress-Spindle, but still 90% are standard parts from online sources like http://openbuildspartstore.com/ .
      As with my first Router, I use the Xpro Board.

      MY_CNC.jpg thumb_DSC00794_1024.jpg thumb_DSC00795_1024.jpg thumb_DSC00796_1024.jpg thumb_DSC00797_1024.jpg thumb_DSC00800_1024.jpg thumb_DSC00801_1024.jpg
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