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      First build... Im working with C-Beam as my X,Y and Z. Im going to test the rigidity of this setup vs. what I see a lot here is the external V-Rail Gantry setup. The majority of the parts arrived today, Im waiting on the Leadscrews and the steppers, but the main part of the build started today.

      The C-Beam gantry plates went together easily and they are very rigid. I dont know yet if they will be strong enough in all 3 axis so that is what I have the backup ones on the sides to hopefully add some rigidity. Has anyone tried this method and reverted back to running with the gantry wheels on the outside of the C-Beam? If this is not rigid enough for me to keep decent accuracy in wood and plastic, I will swap it up to the external wheel method.
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    Personal use for cutting and part making
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