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      I have wanted a CNC Router for several years. I did not wish to spend the money that is needed to buy a ready built one. AND, I really enjoy the building process. So, When I found Open Builds I decided to to start. I ordered the 750 X 1000 from SMW3D.
      Even before I received it I modified the build. I saw the R7 video and then ordered C-Beam's for the Y axis.
      I changed the Z axis to a 250mm beam.
      My next goal is to increase the Z axis height so I can install a 4th axis to route on round stock.
      My router is complete and now I am learning VCarve Pro.
      To make the Z axis changes easier I have buils the Open Builds C-Beam router.
      THANK YOU to, Open Builds, SMW3D, Planet CNC and CNC4PC. They have been wonderful to deal with.

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