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Tram the workbee

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Yamionxtc, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Yamionxtc

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    Feb 7, 2019
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    I recently purchased a bundle for the Workbee. This is a 750mm*750mm version, with leadscrews for the X,Y and Z axis. The issue I'm running into, is adjusting what I believe is called nod. The spindle that came with the machine, is a 2.2Kw Watercooled spindle. It works really well, and while some think its too heavy for the nema23 motors. I haven't noticed the machine having issues raising or lowering the Z axis, however; It would seem that the weight of the Spindle throws the 'Nod' off, by a very small amount. I've been told I'm supposed to "shim" it where the bracket that hold the spindle meets the C Beam for the Z Axis. This does not makes sense to me as this would cause issues with my Z axis not being orthogonal with my X and Y axis. I would rather not purchase a whole new spindle, I like the available selection of collets. What would be some of your guys' recommendations? Do I modify the X Gantry to provide more support? Do I use linear rails? Is this common with any of the spindles/routers? I apologize if I have not explained this very well. Please do let me know if further explanation is necessary. = )

    I've found a solution. Tapping the mounting holes on the X carriage with an M6 and using an M6 bolt rather than an M5 and nylon nut, allow me to shim the the entire Z axis to remove any nod. and allows a small amount of play to account for any issues with Tilt. This Modification is not mine, I only noticed it allows me to fix my issue. The real credit goes to the OP at Some Improvements on the Workbee 1000x1000
    I grabbed the idea from him.
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