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Slippage on ACRO stage

Discussion in 'Laser Cutters' started by Subhash, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Subhash

    Subhash New

    Nov 5, 2019
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    Hi guys,

    I built my Acro 1.5m variant for an experiment. It working pretty well and it's fairly smooth.
    But I see that after many movement cycles, the stage doesn't come back to its original position. I have checked if the timing pulley is jumping across the teeth on the timing belt but that's not the case. I put it in hold condition and the stage doesn't move easily. So I think that sometimes, the stepper is slipping while accelerating.

    I currently use Longrunner brand NEMA 17 motors, driver: https://www.amazon.com/Longruner-Arduino-Professional-Mechanical-LKB02/dp/B072N4FMRN

    Do I need to use motors with higher holding torque? Would it suffice to use a higher current capacity driver?

    Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


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