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New Build 120W RF Iradion Laser, servo motrs, controller

Discussion in 'Laser Cutters' started by Ollieg, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Ollieg

    Ollieg New

    Jul 4, 2018
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    I'm about to start a build of my 5th laser cutter (which should replace 2 of the others) I have a list of points I am hoping to find solutions/suppliers for any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm planning on using thr 120W Iradion RF laser source I have had good performance thus far from this tube however I have had to have 2 replaced in the last couple of years. The question I have is, what is a suitable controller for such a tube (my other machines that ust the tubes are trotecs) is there a ruida controller that will work with the tube or any other suggestions?

    Y axis, I am wanting a fully integrated Y axis a Linear rail with integrated belt and track system idealy 40x40 cross section size max and with a 5m/s ability. Suggestions for suppliers, wanting the type with belts that fully seal the channel and dont have a gap.

    Suppliers of 30mm wide pullys and belts.

    Planning on using the servo motors BL42XL from Elra, has anyone used them? I have only ever used Nema 23 and 34 stepper motors, will I need to do anything different with the motion controller to accept the servo motors?


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