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Help with motor and drivers wiring and setup

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Ryghar, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Ryghar

    Ryghar New

    Nov 28, 2018
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    Iam building a OX machine. The machine size will be 1000x500mm and will mainly work with wood.
    I have 4 motors 57BYGH633 and drivers DQ542MA from wantai. You can find motor information in this link 57BYGH-Stepping motor,stepper motor,driver supplier,stepper driver manufacturer,Stepper Motor,Drives,Driver

    This motors has 6 wires.

    Researching Iam not sure if wire half coil or full coil...
    Please, tell me if Iam wrong with this:

    - According to the datasheet the motor has 4 phases and 1.6mH/phase. So, in full coil config, has 3.2mH
    - The power supply, according to what I research, may have sqrt(3.2) x 32 = 57v. The driver max voltage is 50v. I can use a 48v power supply with 3A x 4 motors x 2/3 = 8A.
    - I plan to set microstepping to 1/8 in a belt driving system with GT2 and 20 tooth pulley. So, in a motor turn I will move 40mm and need 1600 pulses to do that.
    My max cutting speed working with wood is 80mm/s. That are 3200pps. In a torque curve I dont see much difference in half coil setup and full coil at that speed. I will use maybe twice of that speed for G0 movements but i dont need torque in that. So, to cut at that speed full coil seems to be adecuate and to cut metals at slow speeds I will have more torque with full coil. I think that for me is the right choice.

    Please, correct me if Iam wrong and any suggestion and recomendation will be appreciate.


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