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Does CONTROL or FUSION 360 control feeds and speeds?

Discussion in 'CNC Projects' started by Dave Dreher, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Dave Dreher


    Mar 29, 2019
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    Okay, hopefully the last dumb question...read for hours here last night, and a few today.

    Current operation is to use Fusion for all tool paths. I then use the openbuilds friendly fusion post processor. This has worked great. But my cuts have all been short, just making sure things are working.

    Ready to cut a "real" part. So am I controlling feeds and speeds in Fusion? Or am I controlling in Control? I "think" this should all be done in Fusion, that's where I defined step-down... But certainly have speed options in control too?

    So whats the best course of action here?
  2. sharmstr

    sharmstr Master
    Moderator Builder

    Mar 23, 2018
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    You should set your speeds and feeds within fusion. If you dont like the sound of the cut, adjust in Control, then remember to adjust in your CAM (including tool library and CAM templates... more on that below). As you get more time on the machine, you will rarely have to make adjustments in Control. Obviously if you have a router with a dial setting, speeds cant be control by either fusion or control. Only feeds.

    Do yourself a favor and learn how to leverage the tool library and CAM templates. It will save you a massive amount of time. Here's a recent discussion on how to utilize the tool library, but you should watch some videos on the subject as well.

    Fusion 360 Cam Profile Lead 1010

    Recently I worked with some red gum which is twice as hard as walnut. It took me about 5 jobs to get the speeds and feeds right, but I also made a lot of adjustments to width of cut and depth of cut. I didn't want to lose that valuable time, so I made sure I created a new tool library to save my speeds and feeds, but also saved some toolpaths (cam templates) so I'll have the correct woc and doc next time I need them.
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