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Advanced Tips For Pipettes

  • Software:
    Vectric Aspire
    Bit or Laser Size:
    Endmill 6mm
    plywood and poplar

    Today I'm building up some of the crafts I built for my son's biology lab.

    1) Storage boxes for glass tubes of various dimensions with plexiglass slides.

    2) An assembling box of various sized glass tubes with a choice of multiple sizes.

    The construction is made of plywood and poplar.

    The success in the fixation box is that it can, in a single space, be able to put three different tube sizes at the same time.

    It has the following possibilities:

    (a) 60 of 20 ml tubes

    b) 10 of the 20 ml tubes + 50 of the 10 ml tubes

    c) 35 of 20 ml tubes + 25 of 10 ml tubes

    d) 10 of 20 ml tubes + 25 of 10 ml tubes + 25 of 2 ml tubes

    e) 10 of 20 ml tubes + 50 of 2 ml tubes

    f) 35 of 20 ml tubes + 25 of 2 ml tubes
    Κουτί.jpg Καπάκι.jpg Κοκκινα.jpg Μπλε_Κοκκινο.jpg Μπλε.jpg Μπλε_Πράσινο.jpg Πράσινα.jpg

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  1. rokasni
    I am uploading the DXF files.
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  2. Tracy Ranson
    I like this box project, it's AWESOME. This project brings back fond memories of a 36 hour project I did and may share when I get a moment to remake some boxes. I received my 15 minutes of fame designing and making two sets of 3 nesting boxes for an executive editor for the "Martha Stewart Living" magazine.

    The boxes had to be made in such a way that the smaller box nested inside the larger box and so on. The edges of the tops of each box had to be the same height when they were all nested together and spacing between the walls of the boxes when all nested could not be more than .03125" To receive the commission, I had a total of 4 days to design, create, complete the project and have them delivered to the "Martha Stewart Living" magazine office in New York.... just take my word for it when I say that being awake for three days straight is not fun and over night shipping is costly.

    The boxes were used for a creative project that was featured in the magazine "Martha Stewart Living" it was called "Nooks and Cubbies" My wife has been bugging me to make a set for our living room and if I can find time, to make them or if I get my second machine up and running then I will definitely share the project. Our business Katerina Collection is mentioned in the article for those who are interested. Here is a link to the article. Nooks and Cubbies
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  3. Mark Carew
    Great idea on the hole reduction plates that hinge out of the way when not needed! :thumbsup: Thank you for sharing the pictures, can you also share the file for cutting out please.
      rokasni likes this.
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