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Beginner Nightstand Organizer

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    MDF 1/2" or any other material by just changing the interlocking groove
    An easy to do project that will give you a small place to keep of your stuff at night.

    All you need is about 350mm x 250mm of your favorite material and less 20min to cut.
    **Mind that if you change the material thickness you'll need to modify the interlocking groove.

    Included files are:
    - SVG if you want to make changes to the design
    - LaserWeb4 workspace for an easy load and cut solution. To learn more about LaserWeb4 go to Home - LaserWeb / CNCWeb

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  1. Bcsjr
    Laserweb is no longer at this web address.
    1. Ariel Yahni
      Thanks. I have updated the address
      Ariel Yahni, Oct 26, 2017
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