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Intermediate Hybrid Trophy

  • Software:
    Chilipeppr and Laserweb
    Machine Time:
    1.5 hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" endmill / 40w CO2 laser
    Hybrid wood/resin block / 1/8" cast acrylic sheet
    I started the process of creating this hybrid blank using a Thermoset resin to penetrate the wood under a vacuum. This process is called stabilization and it's purpose is to help resist expansion, contraction,warping ,and cracking as the wood ages. I then created a mold and pressure cast the resin which has pearl mica powders and aniline dye.

    On to machining, this was completed on my OX router and I was very surprised how easy the resin machined. the wood on the other hand was very hard and a noticable change in pitch was observed when the endmill came in contact with the wood after machining the resin.

    This step of the process shows what the resin looks like after sanding through the grits of sand paper starting with 220 grit and progressing up to 2000 grit sandpaper paper.as you will notice the resin is opaque at this point

    The full details and clarity were exposed in the resin after hitting it with a cotton flap disk that was connected to a cordless drill. The polishing compound used in the cotton flap disk was Plastex from McGuire's which is an automotive plastic polishing compound used to return clarity to headlight lenses and buff minor scratches out of plastic trim

    Once the base was finished I proceeded to laser engraving and cut the cell cast acrylic sheet which results in the nice frosty white images seen on the logo and lettering.

    I hope you all enjoyed this project and I hope it helps inspire people to think outside the box when finding new materials to cnc machine on their OpenBuilds equipment
    IMG_20171021_143921689_HDR.jpg IMG_20171020_114707831_HDR.jpg IMG_20171020_112917454.jpg IMG_20171020_095247736.jpg IMG_20170924_113930_066.jpg

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User Comments

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  1. Theresa Rathell
    I've never seen a trophy quite like this that's very unique and beautiful was it your idea
  2. Kotya
  3. Nick W
    great idea for the base. mini river table trophies. the next big thing.
  4. Anthony Hunt
    Did you have a Video , making one?
  5. melt.burn.make
    For anyone with a low powered laser and some dreams, try coating the acrylic with a dark ink or thin layer of paint and then etch your design. It should allow you to mark the clear plastic that otherwise would go straight through (my 2W laser certainly does).

    If you're using glass instead, consider covering the glass with tape, burn the tape to become a stencil, and then use glass etching acid.

    I'd like to have a CO2 laser someday, but until then necessity is the mother of invention :) Thanks for sharing your project! Given your experience with acrylic, have you tried making micarta? :D
      MaryD and Alex krause like this.
  6. MaryD
    Loving the resin effect. Really nice craftsmanship.
  7. Giarc
    This is awesome! I am getting ready to do something similar. I help run one of the largest kayak fishing tournaments on the West Coast (Oregon Rockfish Classic). I also volunteer with Heroes On the Water (Home). One of the reasons I built my CNC and am building a laser cutter was to make plaques and trophies for our local fishing derbies, and HOW events. Now you gave me ideas to step up my game, and for that, I thank you!
      MaryD and Alex krause like this.
  8. Mark Carew
    Straight up art work brother! Nice job :thumbsup:
      Alex krause likes this.
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