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Gbrl Limitboard V1

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    Electromagnetic interference.
    I tryed it all, shielded cable, a loot of capacitors on every edge.
    Every time the steppers moved on my 3018, hits a limit switch signal the Arduino.
    I use a Arduino whit CNC shield V3.

    So i decided to mill a Arduino shield with optocouplers and pluggable terminal blocks for the limit switch cable and the probe. The shield siting betwenn Arduino and CNC shield.
    +X -X
    +Y -Y
    +Z Probe
    Every signal has +5 and GND.

    IMG_7234.jpg IMG_7235.jpg

    After the successful prototype, a 2-sided version was designed and send to a PCB Manufacturer in China.

    Next maybe a shield for the 10V spindle control and relays for cooling.
    IMG_7234.jpg IMG_7235.jpg IMG_7258.jpg

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  1. sergiomajluf
    Is it opensource so others (me) can maker their (my) own?
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