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Beginner Dwp611 Dust Boot

  • Software:
    Machine Time:
    ~35 minutes (~30 minutes for main part, ~5 minutes to face)
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8th Inch 4 Flute (.5 inch length flutes) Endmill
    Feeds & Speeds:
    60 inches per minute, speed is "1" on the DWP611, which is 16000 RPM
    Poplar or Pine
    After purchasing a Lead 1010 CNC Machine, I decided to keep it inside. Unfortunately it became immediately apparent to my wife that I had a major dust problem, and she promply moved out and filed for divorce. After spending all my time on this boot, she left her dust-free palace and moved back in...so, yeah, you probably should put a dust boot on your CNC machine.
    There are 3D printed variants that probably would have been easier to make, that is, if you HAVE a 3D printer, but come on, do you really want to commit that blasphemy ... using a 3D printer for your CNC machine parts?
    This was my first CNC project, what better way to jump into Fusion 360 and learn my new machine? With the work done, the next generation noobs will have to find another project to learn on, this project should work without much effort other than downloading and milling. Note that this product is 100% organic, contains no GMOs, and is Gluten Free. I can't say that no animals were hurt during the production of this dust boot.

    Note that I have the original cutting area of ~30.5 inches on the Y axis, but with the boot on am reduced to approximately 27 inches on the X axis.

    • Version 1: I imported this version into Fusion 360 and rebuilt it from a sketch. I used all the original measurements from Inventables Easle, which was a giant pain to transfer, manually measuring and extruding the project to conform to the original design. I was (am?) a complete NOOB with Fusion 360, so this proecess took 2 weeks of no-wife, no-sleep, TORTURE to figure out... Regardless, once completed the version I had in my hands had tolerances that were too tight.
      • The hole for the spindle nut was too small, and I didn't like the smaller size of the shop vac flange hole. Lastly, the light holes were milled in material that was shorter than the surrounding material, allowing for DWP611 airflow from the lights down into the dust boot.
      • Here is the site I found the original (version 1) design on. I didn't immediatly notice a place to buy the author a beer, but he does deserve all credit for this awesome design concept: https://www.inventables.com/projects/dewalt-611-air-diverter-and-dust-shoes
    • Version 2: I made the spindle hole bigger, the shop vac hole bigger, reshaped the light holes, and kept the spindle hole material the lights are cut into taller.
      • Version 2 has a second operation in the project, the facing of the back of the board to cut it from the stock.
    Parts List:
    Milling Files:


    Before the dust boot, freshly cleand CNC completely dirty from cutting on the dust boot project (boo!):

    After the dust boot; I milled the "hello world" project then took this picture. No cleaning happend in or around the CNC machine before this picture was taken (or did it?...you'll have to just take my word on that one):

    Final Product: note the use of the brush skirt with viewing window

    finished product 1.jpg
    Dust boot in operation on the "hello world" cut. **Note that I DO NOT recommend the foam skirt as shown, instead use the above listed "brush" style skirt. The foam version had to be babysat to preclude it slipping inside the boot. A redesign could aleviate this issue, but better to just use the brush. Note that I experimented with Home Depot purchased bottom-of-door brush seal options, but found them difficult to shape and not worth the effort, especially since the Amazon version is so easy to use. For best results attach the brush to the boot with velcro. I plan to add a "plexiglass window" into the brushes, but haven't done so yet. Pictures of the brush skirt will follow shortly...

    Version 1 (left) and Version 2 (right) side-by-side: **Note, I used a less-effective bit for this project. It has flutes that are too short (.5 inches) and therefore left a center ridge as noted in the below pics (look at the inside edges of the circles, already sanded off the outside edges). If light sanding isn't in your job description, use a bit with longer flutes. Also, I was still designing Version 2 in Fusion 360 when I milled Version 2, which is why if you look closely you will see that the top light hole is too thin. This will not be the case for anybody that prints Version 2 from the provided files (..the experience was uniquely mine, as is the unique character MY dust-boot has).

    Version 1 tolerances, note how close the spindle nut is to the edge of the boot (too tight for me):

    Version 2 tolerances:

    DWP611 disassembled and ready to recieve the dust boot:

    The screws for assembly:

    Facing the back of the boot:

    Final Product: velcro attachment, just use double sided velcro. Note that the black flange protrudes through the bottom of the boot by approximately one inch; this makes tool changes a bit painful, so I would recommend trimming the flange to accommodate.
    finished product velcro.jpg

    Final Product: alternate view
    finished product 2.jpg
    IMG_20190201_042014739.jpg IMG_20190201_035321865.jpg IMG_20190201_034309063.jpg IMG_20190201_022837560.jpg IMG_20190201_021042936.jpg IMG_20190131_230518406.jpg IMG_20190131_230131251.jpg IMG_20190130_212139679.jpg IMG_20190130_203849751.jpg finished product velcro.jpg finished product 2.jpg finished product 1.jpg

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  1. blindflight
    Very nice job!! Thanks
      email.james.home likes this.
  2. tisdal
    I did the exact same. I also added 6 magnets to the bottom and a detachable plate with the brush. I did it out of mdf and was going to redo with acrylic but have since moved to a water cooled spindle
      email.james.home and MFCarew like this.
  3. Scotty Orr
      MFCarew and email.james.home like this.
  4. Mark Carew
    Well done James! Thank you for sharing this. It makes all the difference when you have a good dust shoe :thumbsup:
      MFCarew and email.james.home like this.
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