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Beginner Dumbell Rack

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    3/4" plywood
    front.jpg glue_joint.jpg oblique.jpg weightless.jpg cutting.jpg front.jpg glue_joint.jpg oblique.jpg weightless.jpg front.jpg cutting.jpg
    front.jpg glue_joint.jpg oblique.jpg weightless.jpg cutting.jpg

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  1. Coleman Martin
    I don't see the instructions here on the page so I will type them out again. All DXF files use mm as units. The composite DXF file has the individual pieces already laid out to be cut from a single sheet of 3/4" birch. You will notice that there are two styles of the base, a full length and two half length. These are included in the file list for flexibility so that makers can choose how to layout the tool path with regard to their available stock. Base pieces are intended to be cut with 4mm deep pocket holes to align the sides for easy screwing and gluing. The bases are marked with drill points for number six wood screws to secure the sides to the base. Regarding the sides, they are identical. At the apex of the sides is a 1/4" hole for a bolt. This hole has an offset circle to countersink a carriage bolt if that's what you are using. The STL file is for a 3D printed spacer which rides the bolt and sits between the sides, though you could just build it with just a couple more nuts if you choose.
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  2. Mark Carew
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