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Intermediate Cnc Wall Lamp

  • Software:
    Bit or Laser Size:
    5mm Plywood
    How to:

    1. Download the Sketchup attached
    2. Use the Guitarlist DXF plugin to Export to DXF -> Run though your favourite CAM -> Mill out
    3. Glue up the stack - leave face off for now to ease install of LEDs
    4. Stick some LED strip inside
    5. Glue the face on
    6. Power up and Enjoy!


    Music: "Burning" by Nowë:
    ᴺᴼᵂᴱ̈ (@nowemusic) • Instagram photos and videos

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User Comments

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  1. Theresa Rathell
    My husband is an electrician,do you sell these?
    1. Peter Van Der Walt
      Nope, but:
      A) buy a CNC machine from openbuildspartstore.com
      B) cut the attached file yourself - as many as you want
      C) Profit :)
      Peter Van Der Walt, Jul 31, 2019
  2. Kaged Creations
    I really like this, kind of like old school made new
      Peter Van Der Walt likes this.
  3. MaryD
    Great idea
  4. Paul Pridday
    That is SO cool... On my list to do.. Thanks!!!
      Peter Van Der Walt likes this.
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