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Beginner Cnc Bit Holder

  • Here's a good project for new cnc'ers and old alike. This is a bit holder I just finished redesigning tonight, turns out I ran out of room on the original one hence the redesign. I circles in the center get pocketed out to fit a magnet in the middle circle to hold your collets. The Zip file contains DXF and Aspire 4.5 formats. Hope you enjoy !!

    Bit holder.jpg
    Bit holder.jpg

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  1. Thomas g.
    Thanks for sharing this file. Will come in very usefull.
    Regards, Thomas g.
  2. Lonnie McCartney
    wow nice job thanks for sharing
    cut like a dream in Aspire
  3. Tony Fleming
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy New Year 2021!
  4. Chris Bellechasse
    i got it figured out but there are no toolpaths set for anything?
  5. Chris Bellechasse
    how do you open the files after you unzip them
  6. Karamurat67
    Thank you for your beautiful design
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