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Intermediate Chalice From Hexagonal To Round

  • Software:
    Vectric Aspire
    Bit or Laser Size:
    Endmill 8mm , Ball Nose 3mm
    Greek Walnut
    Good evening.

    Today I present you a new decoration I made.

    It is a chisel-shaped Reso base.

    The first one I made (the photo with the wooden ring) was hexagon.

    The new one is hexagonal and ends in a round.

    I quote how to build my work.

    1) I created a new file with Gadgets / wrapping / wrapped job setup as in the photo.

    2) I create a circle with a diameter of 52mm.

    3) I create a hexagon with a 26mm radius.

    4) With the selected circle, I select Gadgets / wrapping / vector Unwrapper to create a flat circle growth in a circle.

    5) By selecting the hexagon I choose Gadgets / wrapping / vector Unwrapper to create in flat the flat development of the hexagon.

    6) I am introducing the chalice channel (DXF).

    7) From the Two Rail Sweep icon on the Modeling tab, select the Stitches 1 & 2 and click Use Selection as in the photo.

    8) I chose the chalice vector 3 and click on Apply.

    9) I create the Toolpath with the cutter and I'm OK.

    I hope I helped.

    Sorry for my English but it's from Greek to English translation with Google translation.
    Chalice from hexagonal to round 2.JPG
    Chalice from hexagonal to round 2.JPG Chalice from hexagonal to round.JPG Chalice hexagon with a ring 1.jpg Chalice hexagon with a ring.JPG Chalice in Aspire.jpg How To Vector Unwraper.JPG The growth of vectors in Aspire.jpg Wrapped job setup.JPG

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  1. Mark Carew
    Great project and translation is working fine. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
      rokasni and MaryD like this.
    1. rokasni
      Thank you very much
      rokasni, Jun 5, 2018
      Essam Sultan and Mark Carew like this.
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