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Aderondack Rocking Chairs

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    Vetric vcarve
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Machine Time:
    9 hrs
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/4 upcut
    Feeds & Speeds:
    160 Ipm with a cut depth of .1
    Yellow pine
    upload_2024-1-5_12-10-34.png upload_2024-1-5_12-10-34.png upload_2024-1-5_12-11-36.jpeg upload_2024-1-5_12-12-30.jpeg
    upload_2024-1-5_12-10-34.png upload_2024-1-5_12-11-36.jpeg upload_2024-1-5_12-12-30.jpeg

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User Comments

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  1. unclej
    would it be possible to get these plans?
  2. Ryan2111
    Is this file for purchase?
  3. bravehart
    hi looking for for a little bit info i am new to cnc currently run a quenbe 1000x1000 plus a openbuild x32
    looking to add a touch probe been using the paper method but i would preffer the probe for a accuracy
    is it quite easy to install i have included the image XYZ_Proble_Plus_1__63960.png
    1. Peter Van Der Walt
  4. Ted Robinson
    Would you share files for these chairs I need some for around the fire pit;)
    1. Jeff Richmond
      I will Ted Robinson however give me a little since the smaller pieces came from my xcarve I need to convert the files
      Jeff Richmond, Jan 24, 2024
  5. Mark Carew
    These are top notch, and they look really comfortable.
    Well done @Jeff Richmond It's really great to see customers using their OpenBuilds machines for cool projects like this.
    Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
    1. Jeff Richmond
      Thanks @Mark Carew I have made 8 of these the others came off my xcarve but I had to tile a lot of the pieces, these chairs were my primary reason for buying the lead 1515
      Jeff Richmond, Jan 6, 2024
      Ariel Yahni and Mark Carew like this.
    2. Mark Carew
      Great to see you using your LEAD 1515 to make these super nice chairs. Not sure if you have business selling them but I am sure they would sell well.
      Mark Carew, Jan 7, 2024
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