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STEP Parts Library 1.5

Complete set of OpenBuilds parts in a generic 3D format.

  1. Minor update with two new parts

    Rob Stehlik
    Now includes the reduction plate and a new pulley.
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  2. MAKERLINK parts added

    Rob Stehlik
    This update includes the new MAKERLINK Tee Nuts.
  3. Several new parts added

    Rob Stehlik
    C-Beam shields, Mini Heated Bed, Nema 23 High Torque Motor, DQ542MA Stepper Motor Driver
  4. Minor update includes two new gantry plates.

    Rob Stehlik
    This update includes two new C-Beam gantry plates: the extra large and the double wide.
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  5. Assemblies added to the library

    Rob Stehlik
    Assemblies for most of the linear actuator types and wheels have now been added to the library.
    Also, a few minor tweaks were made to the motor mounting plates to ensure the screw holes are exactly aligned with the motors.
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