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Spindle Holding Plate for AMB (Kress) FME-U Quick Change Spindle 2020-08-27

Use this Plate to mount your AMB FME-U Quick Change Spindle on C-Beam or 20x60mm Profile

  1. Martin.Barfoed
    Mount AMB FME-U Spindle to C-Beam or 20x60mm profile using this Plate.

    Fix to the rail by 6-8 M5x15 Low Profile Screws and Tee nuts.

    Fix the FME-U to the plate using countersunk M6x20.

    Fusion file here: Fusion

    Can be purchased finished here:
    Mounting Plate for FME-U Spindles


    1. IMG_2335.png
    2. IMG_2333.png
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