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Solidworks v2013 parts files - Updated 4-27-2014 Revision 4a

Solidworks 2013 3D files for almost every part in the OpenBuilds Online Store

  1. Soldworks v2013 Part File 3rd Revision - added 8mm Leadscrew and ACME Nuts

    This is the 3rd revision of the Solidworks Parts Files for Almost Everything in the Open Builds Parts Store. As before, everything is organized in folders to match the Store Folders to make the parts easy to find.

    This revision adds the 8mm, 4 start, 8 pitch lead screw and both of the ACME nuts for the leadscrew: the V-Slot ACME Nut, and the 8mm ACME Nut Block. You will find all 3 files in the "Hardware" Folder, and a repeat of the leadscrew in the "Screws" Folder, just as in the Open Builds Store.

    For you Solidwork-ians - the leadscrew part file contains 4 configuration of the leadscrew - 1000mm, 750mm, 500mm, and 250mm. If you need a length other than these in your model - open "8mm TR8_8 Leadscrew.SLDPRT", right click on the first extrusion "Boss-Extrude1", select "Edit Feature", and change the length"D1" to whatever you need. This will rebuild the entire part to the dimension that you desire. This will take some time - the part has lots of calculations. Just be patient. Re-save the part with a different name and - Happy Modeling.

    Please contact me if any of this does not make sense.

    Thanks all for using my work.
    Mark Beers
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