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OXcalculator - Bill of Material and Cost calculator v1b006 (xls + ods)

OXcalculator - Your computer figures out the parts you need to build your OX by giving it X, Y & Z

  1. 1000 lashes ... removed "structure lock", all should be well now.

    Serge E.
    I'll be a monkey's uncle !

    I somehow had 'structure lock' on the Stepper+ worksheet. This basically freezes the page - unable to move, resize, ... ! :oops:

    It is back to normal with this update. You should be able to move about, resize, change tab/worksheet and all that fun stuff.

    Not certain why I couldn't find this 'bug' earlier as it is locked/unlocked separately from the rest of protection scheme in Excel ... :banghead::oops:
  2. Opening some cells for your notes, added Stepper+ calculator

    Serge E.
    This release has many unlocked cells (rows at bottom and columns at right), a note to remind to change the 'Std Measure' (select cells in column I) for the people wanting to use the OXcalculator for builds larger than 1500 x 1500, a theoretical limit of V-slot (for now).

    I also integrated and tweaked the stepper calculator of SteelSpinning, most a presentation level thing, as a second page to the OXcalculator (with his prior ok - a while back). There will be some further tweaking in the...
  3. Forgot to unlock one other cell (K16)

    Serge E.
    Forgot to unlock K16/17, so just fixed it.
  4. Forgot to unlock the cells for the optional items, ..

    Serge E.
    It looks like I forgot to unlock the cells in the tools and such section, among a few others. Although you could change the price and some of the descriptions, you could not specify any quantity. :duh::banghead: So it is corrected.

    There are a few extra lines where you can add items you might want and I did not think of.

    The "pick list" feature for aspects with several options is slowly approaching release. I am shooting for allowing you to add options, but not remove the ones I place....
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  5. Names of some items use commonly used terms, room for your notes.

    Serge E.
    A big thanks to Balu for taking the time to go through the OXcalculator in details and catching various aspects, including, yes, a couple of errors with labelling of items. He also pointed out the availability of 300 mm lengths ACME/lead screw. As the need for a box to put your notes, since I have the spreadsheet "locked" beyond the few open fields (yellow boxes).

    You would think I would of caught the fact an 8 mm ACME screw would use a 5mm to 8 mm flexible coupler rather than a 5 x 6 !...
  6. Instead of two resources, one with both xlsx and ods files (doh !)

    Serge E.
    Well, it took me a while to figure it out :oops: :confused:

    Instead of having two separate resources, one for the xlsx version and an other for the ods flavor, along with all of the bagage that comes with that dumb move on my part, I zip'ed both into a single file. o_O

    So we are back to a single resource for the OXcalculator. The file is a bit heavier on the wire, but we are not talking huge.

    Hopefully everyone has what is needed to unzip the bundle. The file not needed can just be...
  7. Added version and build indicator within the file, just in case anyone looses track (like me)

    Serge E.
    This update simply adds the version and build indicator right in the file, as part of the header. This way no one, including myself, can forget version in actual use.

    So no changes as far as features. I'm actually working on version 2 : adding menu like feature where several options are possible.
  8. BoM-TCE rOX builds : version 1 build 000

    Serge E.
    This is the first cut of completed OXCalculator with full breakdown of all parts/items needed to build an rOX from scratch (tools are not listed just allowed for).

    A few more tweaks are in the works, heading towards 2.000 which should allow for Pick 'N Build menu of certain items or aspects of configuration... 3.000 will then probably introduce a (nicely) formatted printed shopping list. 4.000 will then probably introduce images (close-ups of assemblies?)

    Stay tuned and keep the comments...
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