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OX CNC limit switch mounts 1

Laser cut mounts for X, Y and Z axis limit switches on the OX CNC

  1. Hackscribble
    Laser cut mounts for limit switches. Made from 3mm acrylic. For mounting details, see my build (OX Tale | OpenBuilds) or message me.

    The X and Y mounts fit to V slot with 8mm screws and drop-in nuts. The Z mount fits on the rear Z plate with a 2.5mm screw and nut. The microswitches are held on the plates with 2.5mm countersunk screws and nuts.

    All mounts have been designed to work with this specific microswitch: 10x 5A AC 125-250V Roller Lever Arm Terminal Microswitch Limit Open/Close KW12-3

    There is very little clearance for the Z mount and switches, so make sure you use this microswitch.

    The Y mounts are intended to be used where wheel guards have been fitted on the inside of the Y rails. You may be able to swap them over to outside the Y rails but I have not tried this.

    The X and Y mounts are NOT symmetrical about their centre lines - the V slot mounting holes are offset (only slightly on the Y mounts). So make sure you countersink the right side of each one for the 2.5mm screws :)

    The zip file contains three files. FreeCAD original sketch, PDF file with thick strokes so you can see them (!) and SVG file with 0.01mm strokes for laser cutting. The drawings were exported from FreeCAD as flattened SVG and processed in Inkscape. BTW you don't need two copies of the Z mount - I just forgot to remove it when I duplicated the X and Y ones.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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