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myOX Y gantry plate bent plexiglass dust shield v1b000

This is a plexiglass shield to house the controller board and protect it and stepper from dust/chips

  1. Ooops ! Adjusted a few pockets and such

    Serge E.
    Did a bit of redesign, pockets are not as deep to minimise deformation especially at the fan grill. Corrected some pockets which were deeper.

    Also moved the pockets to hold the controller board support as it was too high (hit the stepper !) and stretch that support downward for a bit more room in case you use a different controller.

    You can always tweak to your needs.

    Note: although these SketchUp files include both shields (left and right) as well as the controller support piece, you can split and cut/mill as individual pieces. With MeshCAM, just set work zone accordingly. From SketchUP, just select and copy what you want.

    I'll post a photo of the right side down in MDF (as a test run).
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