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IGES Parts Library 1.5

Complete set of OpenBuilds parts in a generic 3D format

  1. Minor update with two new parts

    Rob Stehlik
    Now includes the reduction plate and a new pulley.
  2. MAKERLINK parts added

    Rob Stehlik
    This update includes the new MAKERLINK Tee nuts.
  3. Several new parts added

    Rob Stehlik
    C-Beam shields, Mini Heated Bed, Nema 23 High Torque Motor, DQ542MA Stepper Motor Driver
  4. Minor update includes two new gantry plates.

    Rob Stehlik
    This update includes two new C-Beam gantry plates: the extra large and the double wide.
  5. Assemblies have been added to the library

    Rob Stehlik
    Assemblies for most of the linear actuator types and wheels have now been added to the library.
    Also, a few minor tweaks were made to the motor mounting plates to ensure the screw holes are exactly aligned with the motors.