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3D Parametric Solid Modeling Software "FREE"

Web based, SolidWorks style "FREE" software

  1. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Looks like a great CAD system. However my only worry is that it may become a monthly bill after the beta is complete and once everyone that uses it is hooked on it. I am seeing a move toward these monthly bills for software instead of out right purchase and I am not a fan of new monthly bills. Let's hope they don't go this route.
    1. sgspenceley
      Author's Response
      Hi Mark, the key limitation is they limit the number of projects you can work on! They make it free until you really start enjoying it. Then it's a $100 per month. For a hobby person 5 projects at once is Ok in my opinion.
      The whole industry is switching to the monthly subscription model. While I don't like it it's better for many startups because it's easier to justify vs paying $3000 plus for SolidWorks and then an additional 20% annual subscription fee.
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