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  1. BrandonN_88
    Is this from a printout, based off an actual part or an image of a CAD model? Curious.
  2. Gary Caruso
    Hi Rahul, I have not done brass, I have cut aluminum. The depth of cut (DOC) depends on the cutting strategy and the endmill (dia. and flutes) used. By cutting strategy I'm referring to...
  3. rahul waghmare
    sir can we use this router to mill brass? how much depth in mm per pass we can give?
  4. Kevin S
    @Robert E. Nee Thanks Kevin
  5. Robert E. Nee
    It's a layout fluid such as "DYKEM Steel Blue Layout Fluid" (only red in color) which makes marking steel easier to see prior to some machining operation. In my case, the red dye was convenient...
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