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  1. Muthiah
    Hey Jonathan, Lovely photos and eclipse projector experiments. Last year during an eclipse I noticed in the phenomenon and had total fun clicking away photos of tree shadows on building walls and...
  2. xemnax
    Same question for the fixation on the wall. Did you create a threaded hole throughout the V Slot profile? Is it (non-) advised?
  3. xemnax
    Hello, Maybe a stupid question but how do you fix the plate on the V-slot profile? Thanks a lot :)
  4. BrandonN_88
    Is this from a printout, based off an actual part or an image of a CAD model? Curious.
  5. Gary Caruso
    Hi Rahul, I have not done brass, I have cut aluminum. The depth of cut (DOC) depends on the cutting strategy and the endmill (dia. and flutes) used. By cutting strategy I'm referring to...
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