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New Project Comments

  1. syl
    What finish did you use on the box? It looks rugged and I love it!
  2. rokasni
    Πολυ καλο. Συγχαρητηρια :):D:rolleyes:
  3. MaryD
    What a great way to use your skills to honor her memory!
      Mark Carew likes this.
  4. Aaron Newsome
    Nice work Randy. It turned out perfect.
  5. MaryD
    Very cool. Hope you were able to get the paint off with some paint remover or similar. it is very nice rock.
  6. Ariel Yahni
    This is just a great boom box, i have that on my list of todo.
      Aaron Newsome likes this.
  7. Randy
  8. Jason @ MCC
    Very nicely done! I'm trying to design and put together a 4th axis machine. I'm wanting to use the OpenBuilds program to run the x-, y-, and z-axes. Any suggestions on add-on software just to run the lathe head?
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