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New Project Comments

  1. Davy182
    Hey I could help cut these out. How do I get in contact to start supplying. I have no money to donate these.
  2. Matthew Bates
  3. Matthew Bates
  4. dddman
    What laser do you have? I love the finish of the shading
  5. Mark Carew
    Excellent project! Way quicker then the 3D printer on the level of mass production. This will be a huge help Thank you for the share
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  6. Laurent Veilleux
    can you send vertion 9 of aspire? not all people have version 10...
  7. Giarc
    Awesome! And you nailed the landing! Does the precision of the landings go down after each lift-off?
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  8. rokasni
  9. Mark Carew
    Great project @damian_Poland I need one of these on my wall! Thank you for the share and the tutorial :thumbsup:
  10. rokasni
    Πολύ ωραίο , Μπράβο.:thumbsup:
  11. Mark Carew
    Turned out great Damian thank you for sharing p.s. can you please take time to share the file
  12. Tink10
    Great project.... and a saleable object
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