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  1. sharmstr
  2. sharmstr
  3. Mark Carew
    MeshCAM I used to use it but forgot about it. Glad to see its still alive and doing well. I will have to take another look. Great project @RoosterTX thank you for the share
  4. Ariel Yahni
    Love the way the tool path marks look on this.
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  5. Mark Carew
  6. Mark Carew
    We have to do more 2 sided milling its amazing what can be done! Nice work Jake
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  7. phil from seattle
    If you are thinking of building one or something similar, take a look at my blog. I learned a lot in the process and it may help you avoid some of my trial and error.
  8. Jacob Tabor
  9. Ariel Yahni
    Great job, look so cool I might have to build one.
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  10. Matthew Bates
  11. MaryD
  12. Ariel Yahni
    Awesome project Matt. Very detailed and easy to follow. Love the Resin and Wood combo. Also those bit looks amazing, what are you using?
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  13. stargeezer
    I make a point to purchase designs from creators if at all possible - BUT - not being able to open a file without first learning new protocols and software AFTER the purchase makes me less inclined. Opening this file (still not open or useable)...
  14. GeoffH
    Hi Mark, Nice project for this time of the year. Any chance of a DXF or SVG file please of the 2d parts to be cut? I've tried to load the skp into vcarve as a 3d model but it doesn't help. Geoff
  15. NotAClue
  16. Matthew Bates
  17. Mark Carew
    Man this turned out fantastic @Jacob Tabor I wish we had one of these at the MakerFaire show :) Really pro job brother nice work :thumbsup:
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  18. Matthew Bates
  19. Giarc
    I love machining Starboard. It cuts like butter. For smaller projects I find it very cheap in the off-cut bin at TAP Plastics. This was a cool project.
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  20. Colin Mccourt
    I'd been searching for something like this for a while because my laptop resides on a table that can be better used as a workbench. I have downloaded all the files and I am able to call them up in my software (dfx). Do I open and cut all of these...
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