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New Project Comments

  1. blindflight
  2. Ariel Yahni
  3. MaryD
  4. Giarc
    This is beautiful! Do you have a link to the etsy store?
  5. Colin Mccourt
  6. Mark Carew
    Wow this really looks amazing @Jack D I was surprised at the end of the video when I noticed you were taking the time to cut all the way though between the arms! Gave a it a true 3D look man nice work. If you have any of the completed shots that...
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  7. Colin Mccourt
    Liking this alot, Can I ask you a question (as a newbie) Can you tell me your exact settings for the V Bit, please. the roughing and for the background also what settings did you use for that rough look. I have a different idea and subject...
  8. Jacob Tabor
  9. Mark Carew
    Love that 1" thick red oak! Great project man thanks for the details and for sharing
  10. Mark Carew
    That came out great Jake! Nice job
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  11. blindflight
  12. Eric Harwood
    Great Project, and provides inspiration to a newbie to the CNC process.
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  13. EmilioCo
    LibreCAD Open Source 2D-CAD LibreCAD is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple and Linux. LibreCAD - Free Open Source 2D CAD
  14. MFCarew
    Great idea for a "Garage Business" Joshua, thank you for sharing.
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  15. MaryD
  16. gismodes37
    Good project is appreciated, ask with which application do you read the .dxf extension?
  17. MFCarew
    Came out great Matt! Keep up the good work.
  18. MFCarew
    Outstanding project, thank you for sharing.
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  19. Alex Chambers
    If you want to go for a more "modern" look @Colin Mccourt, one technique I used to use with the kids at school involved "plastic memory". We made a motif by soldering stout wire to a piece of pcb, heated it and pressed it into a piece of (also...
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  20. Ariel Yahni
    For the emboss acrylic works very well. I have made plenty and use the often. Great Job
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