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  1. Sounddog
    Sounddog Spark Concepts
    Having a problem with my Bluetooth Cable Replacement Link. Running OpenBuilds Control v 1.0.147 with xPro v3 on a Workbee 1010, Grbl 1.1f . Connects but keeps cycling the start up, loads, alarm flashes, clear the alarm, it reloads. Just keeps repeating! Checked the polarity and connection of the cap on the power supply and alls good! Help
  2. mohamed1010
    mohamed1010 Scott Martinez
    how i can get the manual of parts and the cutting map for mdf machine parts for
    The Growler
    Build in 'Cartesian Style CNC' published by Scott Martinez, Feb 28, 2019.

    This machine is a heavy duty, moving gantry style CNC router. It uses Teknic ClearPath servo motors driving ballscrews and linear rails. The machine has 36" x 48" x 19" of travel with about 7" of clearance below the gantr
  3. vze2pm3q
    vze2pm3q Mark Carew
    Hey Mark, I'm building an c-beam plate maker cnc, but my Z-axis doesn't seem like it'll go low enough to touch thespoiler board. Any suggestions
  4. Roy Wyatt
    Roy Wyatt GrayUK
    Gary, I think this may fit my needs. I looked up the Estlcam web sites and reviewed their capabilities and etc. However, I couldn't find anything regarding the use of a PROBE for moving over a 3D object and creating the GCODE. Could you either provide me with additional information about the Estlcam PROBE or send the link where I can lookup the information myself. Thanks again for your help.
  5. mayaman
    mayaman sgspenceley
  6. Danny Simpson
    Danny Simpson MaryD
    Mary, I am planning on ordering materials for my build in the next day or so. Just noticed that all linear actuators in Store are listed as out of stock. I am checking to see if these will be back in stock soon? Mainly interested in Nema 23 Belt and Pinion actuator
    1. MaryD
      They are in stock now. A glitch maybe??
      Mar 5, 2019
    2. Danny Simpson
      Danny Simpson
      That's great news, thanks!
      Mar 11, 2019
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  7. FabLab42
    FabLab42 MaryD
    Hello !

    Do you have more informations about the wiring kit for the ACRO Systems ? What is it composed of ?

    Thank you ;)

    1. MaryD
      Mar 5, 2019
      FabLab42 likes this.
    2. FabLab42
      Thank you ;)
      Mar 5, 2019
  8. jamin35008
    jamin35008 Mark Carew
    I'm very new to all this. Considering this package: black rails, wiring kit, NEMA high torque motors, power bundle, thinking of opting for blackbox controller, and the dust shoe. I'm thinking of purchasing Vcarve to complement the LEAD 1010 along with using openbuilds software. Would you mind letting me know if this is everything I would need to get started? Do instructions for assembly come with the build?
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    2. jamin35008
      Hey RC. I searched for this on the Xcarve Facebook page and found a topic that discusses this with several people and they all say that they have moved their machine after it was assembled. With that I'm probably going to assemble mine inside and move it outside after its done.
      Feb 28, 2019
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    3. RCNunya
      Did you decide on ordering the blackbox controller?
      Mar 1, 2019
    4. jamin35008
      Yes. I'm going to. From what I've been reading it will have enough power to handle the high torque stepper motors.
      Mar 1, 2019
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  9. David Aguilar
    David Aguilar Gino Lanzi
    Hello Gino! I loved your hotwire project, I would like to ask you for more details regarding the electronics, what parts should I look for? I am a newbie, don't know much, researching I found out that purchase a hot wire CNC is quite expensive so I would like to create my own. Please your help will be really appreciated.
  10. Derek Boreman
    Derek Boreman Mark Carew
    Mark I seen you replied to someone about a phone number for support in April of last year. I am looking to buy the Lead Machine and I’d like to purchase it through your eBay store as I have a PayPal offer that expires tonight at midnight.

    Any chance you know how to make that happen?

    I’ve emailed the parts store. Sent a message of Facebook, and filled out a contact form.

    I have until midnight to make the order.
    1. MaryD
      This is the proper way to contact support. You've done all the right things. If you are not getting a timely response, please let me know.
      Jan 22, 2019
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  11. Dzzoner
    Dzzoner Mark Carew
    Can you recommend a C-Beam Linear Actuator Bundle that has been used or would work well for the original OX build? I am looking for an upgrade from mine that would give me a stiffer z axes. Has anyone done this?.
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Jan 20, 2019
    Building first two machines simultaneously...long story. An OX and a joystick controlled Acro. :)
    1. MaryD likes this.
    Building first two machines simultaneously...long story.
    First one is an OX...second is custom version of the Acro.
    building first two machine simulataneously...it;s a long story.
    building first two machine simulataneously...it;s a long story.
  17. Cgrz
    Cgrz Kyo
    so im wondering if theres like a list that will say something like... parts you will need to convert Cbeam to Sphinx.. m5x25mm #qt-12
  18. Rick 2.0
    Rick 2.0
    Celebrating 5 years on the forum.:)
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    2. Rob Taylor
      Rob Taylor
      Hey, it was just my 5-year too! Go us!
      Dec 20, 2018
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  19. DBcooper
    DBcooper Savvas
    hello,I have some questions to ask you. I want to learn cnc, but I don't know the specifications of the materials.
  20. sonex761
    sonex761 GrayUK
    Are the plate drawings for the v slot rails available in .dxf or .dwg format?
  21. Governor
    Governor Rob Taylor
    Hi Rob. I would like to know if you have run into this problem. I've built a C-beams with an arduino uno. I have just tried to update my firmware to v1.1 and the IDE to 1.8.7. In order to update I had to delete the older versions. Now I can not upload the new versions to the arduino. Do you have any suggestions?
    1. Rob Taylor
      Rob Taylor
      Those are the versions of each I've been running. I don't remember how I originally flashed grbl using the Arduino IDE, so I didn't bother. Look up instructions for directly flashing the .hex file to the Arduino using Windows Command Console. It's relatively straightforward and worked perfectly for me (just remember that directory addresses with spaces need enclosing with "double quotes")
      Nov 25, 2018
  22. wiremonkey
    wiremonkey Kyo
    Hey Kyo, have you done grbl acceleration optimization on your sphinx machine? I built pretty much the same machine and am about to start tweaking, but thought I'd check with you before recreating the wheel. I saw somewhere that people had acceleration XY set as high as 600! Not sure I'd go that far, but wanted to know if you found good settings for speed vs reliability.
    Thank you!
    1. Kyo
      I will go over my old notes and see if I can find the settings I was using on my original Sphinx machine ( running grbl ) I had my acceleration set quite high from what I recall, then scaled back to a safe margin to prevent losing steps.
      Nov 22, 2018
    2. wiremonkey
      Hi Kyo,
      Thanks for getting back to me. I went from sub 100 acceleration to all at 250 and man what a difference! I'm easily doing the same jobs in 30% of the time! Seriously, it's like having a different machine! And it's been rock solid in terms of not losing steps too.
      Let me know if you were pushing beyond 250 and if so, what was your top acceleration before you started losing steps.
      Nov 22, 2018
  23. jw42lee
    jw42lee Mark Carew
    @Mark Carew Hello Mark, So we decided to go with the bigger size V Wheels than the mini wheels. However I have one question about the wheels. Are these V Wheels corrosion resistant and is it okay for to be used outdoor?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hello, The plastic can be compromised if using conventional oil, so be sure that only silicone is used. You should be able to use them outdoors as the FarmBot guys do this for their framing robot and it seems to be working just fine. Testing would be your best bet to see if this works for you. All the best with your Build, please be sure to share so we all learn from one another.
      Dec 8, 2018
  24. Kyo
    Back in the shop ! Gearing up for a new build :)
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  25. VinceBootheCNC
    VinceBootheCNC Gary Caruso
    Hello Gary!

    I bought the MK3/4 control board from OpenBuilds. I was emailed a key. I downloaded the Planet-Cnc software and pasted in the Key. I hit save and get the error "Unable to parse(1)."

    Any resolution to this?
    1. Gary Caruso
      Gary Caruso
      Nov 3, 2018
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  26. lismont
    lismont Mark Carew
    I use the soft "PROCESSING" to control my table.
    I have an "openbuilds 1050 XYZ".
    I would like a list of possible commands between PROCESSING and the XPRO card.
    For example "$ H" allows me to do a homing etc ....
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Oct 31, 2018
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      menu is on the right of the page
      Oct 31, 2018
    3. lismont
      Thank you so match excuse for my English
      Oct 31, 2018
  27. crispin
  28. Knox48
    Knox48 David the swarfer
    David , I'm new here and heard you were the man to ask.

    I was given a Phlatprinter III,
    Do you know if there is still a Free download for Sketchup?
    Also I will need a plugin for G-code.
    Hope you can help.
    Thank you
    1. David the swarfer
      David the swarfer
      Oct 23, 2018
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  29. Scott Watson
    Scott Watson DazTheGas
    Hi I have built a custom OX , it’s 2 feet x 2 feet and I’m having a terrible time with belt jump. I have seen where you have used lead screws to eliminate all the belts. Do you sell the plates and such to do this upgrade, or are there files to cut them out myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  30. Hafizi5299
    Hafizi5299 Metalguru
    Hello, I'm fizi frm malaysia & start CNC 2week ago. purchased workbee+nema23 as 1st CNC. I've no exp. about cnc but been reading . Still for parts/wiring.
    I want to use arduino n ext driver. My Q:
    1.wiring the 2 yaxis stepper motor to arduino.
    [email protected] driver for the 2 y axis motor
    3.which driver good for me (tb6600 [email protected] 4.5A)
    Thanks in advance.
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